Singalong Baby Sign, Sevenoaks

Give your child a head start in language development

Hearing babies from around 8 months old are able to communicate simple signs to their parent – how? By using some simple signs.

Many of you probably use some of the signs with your baby already without realising it. You wave, point, and say all gone with your hands outstretched, shake or nod your head, and clap hands. All we do at Singalong Baby Sign is build on that and give your baby some more signs to help him to let you know what he is thinking.

Parents and babies can come to our signing class from newborn to around 3 years old. However, from around 6 months old babies become increasingly receptive to language, and as a rule babies tend to make their first sign at around 8 months old. Signing with your baby is really easy to learn as we sing to nursery rhymes that you already know replacing the “actions” with “signs”. We also use toys, puppets and musical instruments to assist the learning process and stimulate your baby.

So what are the benefits

• Helps your baby communicate with you before he can speak
• Can increase baby’s IQ by 12 points
• Can build a bridge between two languages for bilingual babies.
• Signing reduces tantrums and frustration
• Your baby is more likely to speak earlier and have a larger vocabulary
• Babies that sign have a closer bond with their parents and do better at school
• A great way to meet new friends
• Can help with post natal depression
• Singalong baby sign is really good fun!

Classes are £5 per class or £6.00 for drop in sessions

For more information please contact Tracy on 07768 447657

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